Claim Accrued Yield

Learn how to claim accrued yield with Spectra interface.

As a Yield Token holder, you are exposed to the APR volatility and entitled to yield in the form of an interest-bearing token.

Reminder: A Yield Token is a derivative minted on top of interest-bearing tokens such as aDAI, which gives you the right to its future yield.

  • Maturity - on this date, displayed Yield Tokens expire and stop accruing yield

  • Current APR - the current rate at which you capture yield with your Yield Tokens

  • Accrued Yield - the number of interest-bearing tokens captured by Yield Tokens, which you can claim anytime to your wallet

The bottom of the drawer states the number of interest-bearing tokens you are entitled to.

Once you are familiar with the estimated outcome of this action, click [Claim] to initiate it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is the accrued yield held on the protocol side until I decide to claim it?

Yes, Accrued Yield remains in the protocol until you decide to claim it.

  1. Can I claim my accrued yield anytime?

Yes, you can claim the displayed amount of interest-bearing token in full to your wallet anytime.

  1. What happens if I claim my accrued yield before Yield Token's maturity?

Yield Tokens remain in your Portfolio and will continue to capture yield. At any time, you can claim again the newly accrued yield amount.

  1. What happens at Yield Token's maturity?

Yield Tokens automatically disappear from your Portfolio and no longer accrue yield. After that, the amount of Accrued Yield no longer updates, and it is only possible to withdraw it in full to your wallet.

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