🎓Claim Accrued Yield

This guide will assist you in navigating the 'Claim Accrued Yield' module.

Users holding Yield Tokens with any amount of claimable yield can access this module. Accrued yield can be claimed anytime, before and after the YT's expiry date.

Below is a simple example of a YT position with accrued and claimable yield.

In this case, since no yield has ever been claimed on YT, the Total Accrued Yield and Claimable Yield display the same values.

Users can only fully claim the number of units displayed under Claimable Yield. The dropdown selector allows changing the output from the default Underlying to an interest-bearing token, depending on individual needs. To proceed, simply click the [Claim Yield] button.

Shortly after claiming yield, this drawer will no longer be accessible on the UI until any amount of the new yield accrues to YT's position.


  1. Can I claim my accrued yield anytime?

Yes, you can claim the Claimable Yield at any time before or after YT's expiry date.

  1. What happens if I claim my accrued yield before Yield Token's expiry?

Yield Tokens remain in your Portfolio and will continue to capture yield until their expiry. You can reclaim the newly accrued yield to your wallet at any time.

  1. What happens after Yield Token's expiry?

After YT's expiry, the amount of Accrued Yield no longer updates, and you can only claim the remaining Claimable Yield in full to your wallet.

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