🎓Remove Liquidity

This guide will assist you in navigating the 'Remove Liquidity' module.

After selecting the pool from which you want to remove liquidity, you'll see the following:

This module also can be accessed via Portfolio -> Liquidity tab -> LP position -> [Manage] -> Add/Remove Liquidity

In the upper section of the module, you will find the essential info:

  • Pool identifier alongside the pool's address

  • The pool's expiry date

  • Current liquidity expressed in $USD

Under the [Remove] tab, you will also see the following:

  • Your LP token balance

  • Pre-defined buttons and custom field that help you determine the amount of LP tokens to withdraw

  • NPIM (No price impact mode): - ON: The output comprises an interest-bearing token and its corresponding Principal Token. - OFF: The output is composed only of an interest-bearing token.

Read more about the output area when withdrawing liquidity in this FAQ section.

In this case, we withdraw 50% of the LP balance with NPIM mode OFF.

The output area summarizes the number of interest-bearing tokens we'll receive and informs us about the reduction of our Pool Share.

To proceed, token approval [Approve] is required first, followed by action confirmation [Remove Liquidity].


View this FAQ section on removing liquidity.

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