Create New Pool

This guide will assist you in navigating the 'Create New Pool' module.

*This feature is in preview mode in Beta.

First, we will walk you through the elements and inputs of the interface, followed by a tailored FAQ section to address common questions.

At the top of the module, you're presented with various options and inputs that permit the creation of a custom pool based on your individual parameters.

The first input allows you to select an interest-bearing token (iBT) from your wallet, serving as the initial liquidity for your pool. For instance, you might choose aUSDC or aDAI from Aave, or cUSDT or cETH from Compound Finance.

The second box allows you to define the maturity of the pool. Choose from preset periods of 3, 6, or 12 months or specify a custom date using the handy calendar feature.

The starting date is pre-defined and cannot be altered.

The Starting APR input is where you manually enter the APR of the pool or vault your interest-bearing token originates from.

Due to current infrastructure limitations, interest-bearing tokens do not pass on-chain information about their current APR state. Therefore, the value needs to be entered manually by the pool creator.

More updates to this tutorial coming soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is an interest-bearing token (iBT)? An interest-bearing token is a type of token that represents deposited funds in a decentralized finance protocol. For instance, when you deposit USDC into Aave, you receive aUSDC in return. This aUSDC is an interest-bearing token that accrues interest over time.

  2. What is the 'Starting APR' and how do I determine it? The 'Starting APR' is the Annual Percentage Rate of the pool or vault from which your chosen interest-bearing token originates. You need to input this manually. The APR can usually be found on the platform where the interest-bearing token was created, such as Aave or Compound. You need to manually open the source page of your iBT and note down the displayed APR.

  3. What happens after I click 'Create'? Once you click 'Create', a part of your iBT deposit is broken down into Principal Tokens, Yield Tokens and put into a vault.

  4. What happens next with my deposit? From there, your liquidity will be used to power Spectra features and you will be entitled to various fee streams such as:

  • The yield of the interest-bearing token you deposit

  • Incentives from the underlying platform

  • Fees from Spectra swaps

  • Native or third-party rewards

  1. Where can I track my LP tokens and earnings? You can track this data via the Portfolio page -> Curve Pool tab.

  2. Can I withdraw my initial deposit anytime? Yes, you can withdraw your liquidity from the Curve Pool anytime you want. Just use the [Withdraw Liquidity] tool.

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