Withdraw Liquidity

This guide will assist you in navigating the 'Withdraw Liquidity' module.

We'll walk you through the elements and inputs of the interface, followed by a tailored FAQ section to address common queries related to this module.

After selecting a Curve Pool -> [Manage] button from which you want to withdraw liquidity, you'll be presented with the following section:

The first three rows provide you with essential information about the Curve Pool:

  • [Morpho]: Identifier of the Curve Pool you will withdraw liquidity from.

  • APR: Shows the current APR of the Curve Pool

  • Maturity: This shows the expiry date of the PT.

The following input field reads the balance of corresponding LP tokens in your wallet. Here, you can specify the amount of LP tokens you wish to withdraw and convert into the underlying token

Upon entering the deposit amount (in our example, that's 0.05 LP tokens), the lower area provides a summary of the transaction:

The summary provides you with the precise number of underlying tokens you will receive upon withdrawing your LP tokens.

Once you've reviewed the summary, click [Withdraw Liquidity] to initiate the transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I withdraw my LP tokens partially? Yes, you can withdraw your LP tokens partially or in full according to your needs.

  2. Can I withdraw my deposit anytime? Yes, you have the flexibility to withdraw your liquidity from the Curve Pool at any time.

  3. Can I specify the underlying I am withdrawing my LP tokens into? No, as your LP tokens can be converted into a pre-defined underlying token.

  4. Where can I preview my earnings from the liquidity provision?

    To preview your earnings from liquidity provision, go to your Portfolio page and select the [Curve Pool] tab.

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