Withdraw PT+YT

Burn Principal and Yield Tokens to retrieve your initial deposit.
To use this module, you must possess any Principal and Yield tokens of the same pool.
See the example below of a Portfolio position consisting of PT & YT Balance. To access the withdraw module, click on the [Withdraw] button.
In the top part of the module, you will see basic information about the pool and maturity of its PTs and YTs.
Enter the number of underlying (UL) interest-bearing tokens (iBT) you want to receive in the following input.
Unlike most Spectra App modules, this input pre-calculates the number of UL/iBT tokens you can redeem your PTfor. Your maximum possible withdrawal amount is stated as Available.
You can hit [MAX] and let the app enter the maximum possible withdrawal amount for your PT+YT holdings.
After entering the amount of UL/iBT you want to receive, the app will calculate and display the number of PT+YT it will burn in the process.
Once you are familiar with the estimated outcome of this transaction, click [Confirm] to initiate the PT+YT burn.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1.
    When should I use Withdraw PT+YT module?
If you want to unwind your position, this module allows you to do it seamlessly in one transaction.
  1. 2.
    What happens to my holdings after I use this module?
After using the Withdraw PT+YT module, the displayed PT and YT amounts in the summary will be deducted from your Portfolio. Then, depending on your chosen destination token, you will immediately receive an underlying token (e.g., USDC) or interest-bearing token (e.g., mUSDC) directly to your wallet.
  1. 3.
    "I have 100 YT and 10 PT in my Portfolio. When I hit [MAX], the summary displays 10 PT and 10 YT. Why is that, and how do I withdraw the whole amount of YTs?"
The maximum you can withdraw is the lower amount of PT or YT because the protocol burns them only in a 1:1 ratio. To withdraw the full amount of YTs, you need to possess an equal amount of PTs. Alternatively, as a YT holder, you can sell them back to the pool anytime via the Yield Trading tab.