Ultimate FAQ

Everything you need to know about the project's history, founders, useful links, token details and more.

What is Spectra?

A permissionless protocol for interest rate derivatives with its own flagship interface.

When was Spectra founded?

Previously known as APWine, it was founded in mid-2020 during 'DeFi Summer'. The rebrand to Spectra occurred on July 10th, 2023.

Who is the founder of Spectra?

Spectra has 4 founders:

How much did Spectra (APWine) raise?

  • Q1 2021 Seed Round - $1M Delphi Ventures, The Spartan Group, DeFi Alliance, Decentralab | Grégoire le Jeune (Oiler) & Louis Guthmann (Starkware), Rarestone Capital, Spincrypto Capital, Ternary Capital, Harvest Finance, Jarvis Network, Ajit Tripathi, Marc Zeller (Aave), Doo Wan Nam & Gustav Arentoft (Maker Foundation), Daryl Lau (Mechanism Capital), 0xAshish, Marcos del Rio & Caleb Sheridan (ArcherDAO), Alessio Delmonti (PieDAO), Chandresh Ahawar (UniLend), TokenBrice (Tokenbrice, DeFi France, BanklessFr), Avihu Levy, Nathan Sexer (Must Cometh, Ethereum France, ETHCC), Simon Polrot (ADAN President), ManuRedPills, Dydymoon, Sajida Zouarhi, Julien Bouteloup & others

  • Q2 2021 Liquidity Bootstrapping - $5.1M

  • 2022 Seed Extension Round - $2.6M Led by Greenfield Capital

What are the major protocol milestones?

Nov 2020: APWine Alpha

Feb 2021: Beta Mainnet Launch

Dec 2021: Genesis Airdrop (1.18% of total supply)

Dec 2021: Official Mainnet & Polygon Launch

Aug 2022: Arbitrum Expansion

Oct 2022: Introduction of 2.0 (Spectra)


What is the token of the Spectra Protocol?

APW is the native token of Spectra Protocol with a max total supply of 50,000,000. The ticker remains from the APWine era, and the contract remains intact.

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